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We believe in the direct relationship between educational excellence and economic development. Global and regional examples show us that large investments in human potential are the best solution to reduce the social contrasts.

- Marcus Mayer, WEF Chair


Frequently Asked Questions


1.) What steps should I follow to become an IES Club member and join IES Social?

1.1) At the top menu of the homepage, you should click MEMBERSHIP and choose a category.



1.2) You will be directed to a page where you'll see the options. You can click the Details button to know the advantages and obligations of the chosen plan.



1.3) At the bottom of the Details page, you will be able to convert the donation/membership value of the plan you chose to your local currency. The original values were set in Swiss francs (CHF). Thus, neither Americans nor Europeans will be jealous.


1.4) By clicking the JOIN button, you will be directed to a form page. From this point, the following steps are quite simple. Simply fill out all required data. You will be automatically redirected to the PayPal page, where you can end your donation, and become a IES Club member.


2.) After I overcome these steps, I will be able to join the IES social network?

2.1) Yes. At the top menu of the homepage, you should click IES SOCIAL and then on Members login.


2.2) On this new page, simply fill in the username and the password.


From now on, you will certainlly know how to proceed, based on the procedures to other social networks you already know. However, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an eMail and ask us.

Welcome to the Club


By becoming a member of the International Education Society you are helping the World Education Fund, that has a full set of programs to promote education worldwide.

About Us

about us

The International Education Society (IES) is a support agency to the World Education Fund (WEF). Click on the photo above to learn more about us.

Where are we?


The IES began in Brazil, Kenya, Switzerland, and in the US. We hope to spread the society to all regions of the world. You can now be the first member in your country.