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We believe in the direct relationship between educational excellence and economic development. Global and regional examples show us that large investments in human potential are the best solution to reduce the social contrasts.

- Marcus Mayer, WEF Chair


Welcome to the IES Club

The IES Club and its respective activities and promotions are the key attractions for our worldwide expansion, gaining people membership of new countries besides Brazil, Kenya, Switzerland and United States, where the World Education Fund's activities are beginning.

The main objective of the Club will be promoting approach and cultural exchange between students and people involved in education related activities. Companies, schools and supporters can also be members of the IES Club. These shareholders and supporters may be benefited through cultural exchange programs, subsidized by the WEF.


IES Social Network

Very soon, we hope to provide a new social networking platform, possibly integrated with Facebook, to gather all the Club members. Of course, the main themes that will group these people together are encouraging and promoting education, sport, culture, and environmental conservation, especially in less developed countries and regions.

Welcome Centers

The WEF and IES, working in partnership, are engaged in the search for sponsorship to build welcome centers, intended to receive language students abroad, in Ghana, Brazil and Mexico. This activity will be able to spread throughout the world.


Both the IES network and the IES Club will be supported by member contributions and, especially, by WEF benefited people. In a second step, the IES may offer special discounts on products and services purchase. This will allow the IES and its respective Club achieve financial self-sufficiency without having to rely on WEF resources, in addition to the allowances provided in exchange programs and languages courses abroad.

You, your company or organization, are very welcome to join our Club! We look forward to be able to offer the following list of benefits, and more, all club members.

  • Cultural integration.
  • Social Network
  • Languages courses abroad.
  • Discounts at the future IES Store.
  • Support and sponsorship to NGOs.
  • Quality seal for the best schools.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Certification and Seal.
  • Other special benefits soon.

Welcome to the Club


By becoming a member of the International Education Society you are helping the World Education Fund, that has a full set of programs to promote education worldwide.

About Us

about us

The International Education Society (IES) is a support agency to the World Education Fund (WEF). Click on the photo above to learn more about us.

Where are we?


The IES began in Brazil, Kenya, Switzerland, and in the US. We hope to spread the society to all regions of the world. You can now be the first member in your country.