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Welcome Center in Ghana

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We believe in the direct relationship between educational excellence and economic development. Global and regional examples show us that large investments in human potential are the best solution to reduce the social contrasts.

- Marcus Mayer, WEF Chair

Welcome Center in Africa

GhanaAccra, capital of Ghana, can become the second major destination of the Organization in Africa. Accra is a well developed city, by African standards, and above all it is safe. With a population of 1.7 million inhabitants (56% are under 24 years), has English as official language. The climate is similar to the Brazilian northeast, with average temperatures between 23 and 30° C, throughout the year.

These outstanding qualities make Accra a very interesting target for the Languages/Exchange Programs of the WEF, destined for people from all over the globe. Other positive points, especially economic, can be considered: foreign investments have grown year by year, more than a decade (1.11 billion dollars in 2010), and per capita income of the country is one of the highest Africa.

Accra, capital of Ghana

Accra is a large center of manufacturing and services (marketing, finance, insurance, transport and tourism). The city has several hotels, nightclubs and restaurants, and tourist attractions such as museums and monuments, shopping areas and business, as well as crowded markets and leafy residential suburbs.

All these reasons lead us to plan, besides the promotion of Student Exchange Programs, the construction of a structure that would house a "Welcome Center for English Language Students", in Accra. In addition to practicing the language, the participants may carry out a social work in disadvantaged communities, during the stay period.

Resources and sponsorship

Currently there are no privately funded programs at the WEF, that can offer financial assistance to this project. It is our goal establish a special fund for the construction of these "Welcome Center", in Accra, and to finance students interested in furthering their education, learning English. With business' support from from all over the world, we believe we will achieve our goal looking forward to begin the "Ghana Project", and award many student scholarships for English Courses.

Welcome Center Accra

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