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Santa Monica, California

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We believe in the direct relationship between educational excellence and economic development. Global and regional examples show us that large investments in human potential are the best solution to reduce the social contrasts.

- Marcus Mayer, WEF Chair

English courses in USA

Promote English courses abroad is an IES Club priority. As an support agency to the World Education Fund (WEF), the IES will assist the Fund seeking partners and the best conditions for beneficiaries and clients. It is expected, soon be able to offer a large list of options to Club members.

Early efforts have been concentrated on the realization of a partnership between the IES and a respected English language school in Santa Monica, California. Through this partnership, the IES wants to offer the best possible conditions, both in terms of quality and price, to its members and sponsors. So also, in return for a globally school promotion, expects to receive consideration for scholarships for talented students, but have little afford to study abroad.


Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica is conveniently close to all the attractions of metropolitan Los Angeles located. With its palm tree-lined walkways and breathtaking sunsets, Santa Monica enjoys a warm and mild climate year-round. This diverse and artistic community maintains the charming, relaxed atmosphere of a small town. The popular Santa Monica Pier and colorful Third Street Promenade, with sidewalk singers, artists, movie theaters, shops and restaurants, are located only blocks away. Santa Monica also has many outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts, including surfing, skateboarding, biking and swimming.



The IES gives also special attention to the quality of the accommodation options and cares about each student's individual needs. It is very important that before starting a course the beneficiaries and clients feel comfortable. The accommodation is an important part of the learning environment that the IES take very seriously.


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By becoming a member of the International Education Society you are helping the World Education Fund, that has a full set of programs to promote education worldwide.

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about us

The International Education Society (IES) is a support agency to the World Education Fund (WEF). Click on the photo above to learn more about us.

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The IES began in Brazil, Kenya, Switzerland, and in the US. We hope to spread the society to all regions of the world. You can now be the first member in your country.