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We would like to invite you, students of all ages, and interested in issues like Education, Environmental Conservation, Sports, and especially Cultural Exchange, to join the International Education Society (IES).

The IES is a major division of the WEF, which acts as network and club. The IES Club will promote cultural exchange and approach students and people involved in Education related activities. Businesses, schools and supporters can also join the Club, to provide incitement of WEF education programs all over the world.

In addition, the IES offers a Certification Seal for partners, and a Quality Seal for schools and institutions that carry out excellence works in education, and in scientific and technological development.

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Today the world is a complex system of worldwide communication and exchange. The importance of intercultural and international communication has increased during recent decades. Globalization manifests itself in the increased interest of trans-cultural and educational academic exchange programs. Therefor our Cultural Exchange Program was established.

Promoting Culture Worldwide

A Gateway to Another Culture: There always exists the knowledge gap of foreign cultures and customs. That is why it is important to provide a certain bridge between different cultures. The World Education Fund is also designed to serve as a bridge to trans-cultural understanding through educational programs. We promote international friendship by facilitating cultural and educational exchange activities between the all countries of the world. The World Education Fund is a non-profit organization. It was developed to promote school students global knowledge, multi-cultural understanding, and to provide an opportunity to both countries/students through cultural and educational exchange.

The best way to learn traditional values of a country, its language, customs, and its social settings is to experience it. Thus, our incorporation aims at facilitating and organizing academic cultural and educational exchange between counties.


The WEF's Major Tasks:

  • Promotion of Cultural Exchange
  • Introduction of Foreign and World Cultures
  • Cultural and Academic Exchange
  • Trans-Cultural Intellectual Exchange
  • Intercultural Lectures and Seminars
  • Youth Exchange Programs