3D Program

3d-perspectiveOne of the leading missions of the WEF is help other non-governmental organizations in the achievement and expansion of their best programs. Fundamentally, the main tasks of our Fund is provide support to excellence projects of further institutions. And this is exactly the goal of the 'WEF's 3D Program'.


We agree with the idea that it is better to encourage ready projects that have shown good results, than developing parallel and concurrent activities. This results in saving lots of money and energy.

The best example is our program "New Teachers": instead of competing with another new project that aims to take the best university graduates to the classrooms high-need areas, we will full support and seek sponsorship to extend the current field of the program "Teach For All", embraced by several countries. Click here for details.

A further example that highlights another objective of the '3D Program' is part of our 'Canada-Finland-Korea Project'. We wish sharing, at no cost, all merits of this project with other organizations that take part of the program. We'll pass on the information we receive from experts in education from these three countries, so highlighted in good educational processes. Click here for more details about the 'Canada-Finland-Korea Project'.

The '3D Program' will certainlly be much more effective on a regional than on a global level. This is because in each of the countries in which the Fund will operate, already exist hundreds of NGOs with good projects, but in need of sponsorship and support.


Listed below are some NGOs with which we want to accomplish partnerships through the '3D Program':

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