International Schools

By the consolidation of our global Fund, we hope to start our most ambitious project: the construction of international schools, entirely free, aimed at more disadvantaged populations. The project will offer the highest education quality, based on advanced nations experiences like Canada, Finland and South Korea.

We hope to link the school environment with the desired development. That means, students that will attend the school - even belonging to lower social classes - will have at their disposal only the best, as in the most developed countries.

These schools want to prove empirically the thesis, that the economic and social development of people is achieved through high quality education. The Fund wishes to be able to become maintainer of these international schools. And our goal is in addition to providing the highest level of education, equip schools with modern architecture and high technology infrastructure.




We will seek sponsorships from the private sector, governments, individuals and other institutions, such as foundations, the World Bank and other development agencies.

The first International School of the WEF may be created in Brazil or in Africa. This is not yet fully decided. However, we are sure that it will be built in a less developed Brazilian or African region. Our goal is to promote cultural exchanges with schools that intend to convene in the northern hemisphere. For this, it will be necessary create a curriculum that will be valid in developed countries, and also attend to laws of the country in which it will be established.

If you like the idea and wants to help, please keep in touch with us. This project is extremely effective, but it is going to require much planning and investment.

Why not try create a dream school?


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