Languages Studies

We agree with the view that the best method to speak fluently a foreign language is through the experience abroad. However, there is an economic barrier that restricts many talented students have this experience, after completing a basic course in the own country.

It is not true that the expense to achieve fluency in a foreign language abroad is higher than in advanced conversation courses in the own country. The difference lies in the time to effect the payment of the courses. As a language course at home can be paid in installments over many years, study abroad requires investment in less time. 

The WEF wants to solve this dilemma by offering full scholarships, funded by the organization's and the program's sponsors.

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However, our Languages Studies Project goes much further.

We also will help students worldwide to get an idea of the numerous options that are available. The Language Studies Program will be a connection - through the International Education Society (IES), that also you want to perform exchange programs - to students from all over the world. We will offer opportunities to embark on language courses in over 30 countries.

Whether our grantees will be interested in vacation courses, language schools for adults, internships or language courses for professionals, our programs will be the solution. We will connect people from all over the world, through our partners networks.

welcome-centerOur plans also aim to create international 'Welcome Centers for Languages Students', in some regions with poor infrastructure. According to our planning, the first of this kind of 'Welcome Center' will be established in Accra (Ghana), and will be designed for students who want to learn English and make, concurrently, a volunteer social work in Africa.

We hope that the language centers will be fully equipped with up-to-date materials and resources in comfortable surroundings. We will also provide computer facilities, with free internet access for students' use.

English in Accra and Spanish in Puerto Vallarta 

The WEF has outlined two distinguished preliminary projects: one that may be deployed in Ghana, as mentioned above, and another in Mexico. The 'Mexico Project' is designed for students of Spanish, and will be held in partnership with traditional language school for foreigners in the beautiful coastal city of Puerto Vallarta.

As soon as we get experience in these two projects, we may be able to take the initiative to many other destinations around the world.


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