The WEF's Koala by 'Hermann Teddy Original':


worldwidePurchasing the WEF's Koala outside the United States you can order directly from the local agency. The amounts paid will be fully reverted in the organization's projects.


United StatesSoon, you will be able to buy the WEF's Koala in all 'Hermann Teddy Original' merchandisers in the United States. For each purchased koala you will revert one dollar to the Fund's projects.

Koala Bear Size: 22 cm / Art.-Nr.: 914228   hermann-teddy-original


Original 'Paloma Bernardi's Licensed Products':

paloma 200  

worldwideWorldwide, you will be able to order Paloma Bernardi's licensed products directly from the WEF's local agency. A percentage of the values will be reverted into the organization's projects in Brazil and abroad.


BrazilSoon, you will be able to buy all Paloma Bernardi's licensed products at the major retail stores in Brazil. For each purchased product you will revert R$ 1 (one real) to the brazilian Fund's projects.


Other products that may be licensed:

worldwideWe look forward to license our logo, which may be applied to some products for personal use. So, we hope to receive donations of products, which could receive our brand and be sold in our future online stores.

Below are some examples:

  wef's t-shirt   license-t-shirt2
Aluminum Bottle   Fashion men's clothing   Fashion women's clothing