In the USA there are many events that use the name 'Race for Education'. At the WEF, we were inspired in is an annual jog-a-thon, a type of fundraising event used by various schools and non-profit organizations to raise money via donations, which involves students of all ages walking or jogging around a designated area. This event programs have been conducted in over 1500 schools in 40 states since the company's inception.

The World Education Fund wishes to carry this type of event to other countries, to reach slightly different goals, depending on the country in which it will be held.

In Brazil, for example, the 'Race4Education' will have a very particular purpose. Scheduled to take place in the major state capitals, we wish to draw attention of government and parliament, to the need to vote tax incentive laws for educational projects, with the same standards of another existing law that encourages the culture.

In recent years, in Brazil has been promoted a similar movement, aiming to draw attention against corruption. The call results were always positive, and occurred via social networks. We believe that with better education, even corruption can be fought with greater intensity. 

In Kenya, a country with a long tradition for running and marathons, we believe that success will also be great. Because interest in running is so high, competition to make traveling squads is intense, and Kenyan training regimes are notoriously difficult. And many young Kenyans view distance running as a ticket out of poverty.



We believe that the large international sport brands will help sponsoring the 'Race4Education', since such events are quite attractive. With good marketing campaigns and mobilizing in social networks, we hope offer well planned and organized high profile events.