Rebuilding Schools

school-brazil-orestes-freitas-barra-fariasOur mission on this project is find solutions, to provide suitable infrastructure for schools in disrepair. We wish to cooperate to provide minimally decent conditions for students who live in extremely precarious situations in the school setting.

school-brazil-escola-tabocasThe best alternative is provide support to other organizations with experience and expertise in this task. The fund will seek resources and pass them to institutions that stunningly do this work, but lack from sponsorship sources.

As the 'New Teachers Program' and the 'Canada-Finland-Korea Program', which are on the list of the main goals of the World Education Fund, the 'School Rebuilding Project' will be inserted into the '3D Program', which aims to form partnerships in specific areas of expertise.

Appearing on this page some pictures of catastrophic situations, showing the sad reality of some schools in Brazil and Kenya. However, there are also wonderful solutions, as seen on the last photo on

One dollar for life

One Dollar For Life (ODFL) is a non-profit corporation founded to address third world poverty while empowering American teenagers to improve their world. It does this by collecting just one dollar from each of millions of US high school students and then channeling those funds into small-scale infrastructure projects in developing world countries. 

ODFL finished its second new high school in Kenya January 21, 2009.  This one, the Ngenia school, is in a village called Timau. This could not be possible without the one dollar donations from students of the USA. Click here or on the photo below to know more about ODFL.

This initiative of ODFL is one among many others. It proves that we can make a major transformation, with much effort, but with few resources. As this American NGO, many others across the world have the mission building and reforming schools. So, why are there still so many precarious schools? We believe that demand is still greater than the available resources supply.

Therefore, will the WEF attract the sponsorship of major construction companies to assist NGOs that work so beautiful.