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We really need your help

If you are someone with a big heart who devotes your time, money, or effort towards helping others, you are at the right place! This is because the dreams and projects of the World Education Fund can't come true without your help!

We know that helping others is within your reach. But you want to make sure that your help will be used in the best way possible. If you also believe in education as a path to development, here at the World Education Fund you will surely find a suitable target.

On the bottom menu of this page, you will find a link with the title Transparency. You can also click here to be redirected to this content. There you will find information about our accountability, commitment, and transparency practices. In addition, helping us you may also take part in the decision-making processes of the Organization in return.

We are open for listening to your recommendations. If you are today a philanthropist, you certainly raised enough experience to be successful. And it is exactly this kind of advice we need.

If you became interested in our projects, programs and objectives, and would like to help, please contact us. Or if you prefer to act anonymously as well there is no harm.

Thank you for visiting this link and read our call for help.