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We would like to invite you, students of all ages, and interested in issues like Education, Environmental Conservation, Sports, and especially Cultural Exchange, to join the International Education Society (IES).

The IES is a major division of the WEF, which acts as network and club. The IES Club will promote cultural exchange and approach students and people involved in Education related activities. Businesses, schools and supporters can also join the Club, to provide incitement of WEF education programs all over the world.

In addition, the IES offers a Certification Seal for partners, and a Quality Seal for schools and institutions that carry out excellence works in education, and in scientific and technological development.

Read more about the IES by clicking here or on the link at the top menu.



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The Main Regions of the WEF

The map on this page allows to understand how the main administrative regions of the World Education Fund are presented. Our headquarters would be located in Geneva (Switzerland), wile the first main branches are located in New York (USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Nairobi (Kenya).




We are expanding by locating our administration in this three main regions:

  •  Region 1: North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean
  •  Region 2: Europe and Africa
  •  Region 3: Asia and Oceania

In Accra, capital of Ghana, will be located a 'Welcome Center' of the International Education Society (IES), which main task will be receiving English language students, and volunteers for humanitarian work in Africa. Read more about this project here.

The beginning of the work in the Region 3 will occur over the next years, following the consolidation of our headquarters in Switzerland. According to the demand for the Fund's activities in Asia and Oceania, may be installed an administrative headquarters for the region in a candidate country. This will depend only on the availability of financial and human resources.