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Spanish Experience in Puerto Vallarta

wef-logo-mx From 2015 the WEF will undertake a partnership with a traditional Spanish language school in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Our grantees will learn Spanish in one of the safest and most beautiful destinations in Mexico! Whether our grantees are starting from zero, know the basics of Spanish or are fluent and want to refine their Spanish skills, the WEF will have the best program in Mexico.

The 'Spanish Learning Experience' is a language school for foreigners, located on Banderas Bay in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, and was chosen as a prime candidate to become WEF's partner and seat in Mexico. To make the project a reality, we will look for support or sponsorship from governments, private companies and individual donors to maintain the benefit completely free.


"Immersion" is considered one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. And what better place to be immersed in Español than in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

spanish-experience-centerLearn Spanish the painless way in a beautifully appointed Mexican hacienda only steps from Puerto Vallarta's famous Malecon, shops, restaurants and beaches.

  • Practice Spanish in real-life situations - from social and business interactions to shopping for bargains in Mexican markets. Get beyond superficial niceties to real, meaningful communication.
  • Study in air-conditioned comfort in modern classrooms with board-certified instructors trained to make the learning experience fun as well as educational.
  • Programs for adults, teens and children
  • Low teacher-to-student ratio ensures plenty of personal attention
  • Flexible class times to accommodate all needs and work schedules
  • New computers with wi-fi access
  • Modern kitchen and bathrooms, and a rooftop garden with breathtaking view of Banderas Bay.
  • Optional cooking classes, salsa dance classes and off-site field trips help you learn the fun aspects of Mexican culture and provide ample opportunities to practice Español.

For more information about this WEF's Mexican partner candidate, visit Spanish Experience Center's website.