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We would like to invite you, students of all ages, and interested in issues like Education, Environmental Conservation, Sports, and especially Cultural Exchange, to join the International Education Society (IES).

The IES is a major division of the WEF, which acts as network and club. The IES Club will promote cultural exchange and approach students and people involved in Education related activities. Businesses, schools and supporters can also join the Club, to provide incitement of WEF education programs all over the world.

In addition, the IES offers a Certification Seal for partners, and a Quality Seal for schools and institutions that carry out excellence works in education, and in scientific and technological development.

Read more about the IES by clicking here or on the link at the top menu.



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Transparency, Accountability and Governance

Here at the WEF, 'transparency', 'accountability' and 'governance' are critical! Below, you may download our annual reports, and see how we deal with an efficient and transparent application of our resources.

accountabilityAt the WEF, before performing a donation, every person - be it a single donor, a sponsoring company or a government body - all have the right to know the exact accounting of the Fund. As donors or sponsors, all have to worry about the donation being used effectively. Here at this link, you can download the WEF's annual report and increasingly to our websites before donating.

Once here, our sponsors and donors can figure out what the organization is doing, what our model and assumptions are, scale of operations, efficiency at work (number of employees, expense ratio to beneficiary, overheads percentage and the reasonableness of this figure) and quality of work. The WEF's annual report explicitly states these factors and allows you to calculate them with minimum pain. For us, the easier the analysis is for you, the more transparent we are.

With soliciting and using public and donated funds comes the responsibility of using these funds for the said purposes along with the duty of disclosing how these funds were used. Governance is the umbrella concept that includes everything an organization does towards its stated purpose – from mission to operations. Governance is as much about the nuts and bolts as the values and attitude of an organization.

For us at the WEF, a transparent organization proactively reports status, impact, achievements and issues in achieving its mission. Transparency is the 'public relations' aspect of the WEF, in a way. Transparency is how the management of the WEF shows its attitude towards governance to the public.

The icons below are just examples of how we wish accountability. As soon as the work on our site are completed, we will publish all our accountancy.


The WEF's Annual Report   The WEF's Annual Report   The WEF's Annual Report
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