The International Education Society

ies-project-logo-150The International Education Society (IES) is a major division of the WEF, which acts as a network. It is composed of supporters, partners, associates and sponsors of the Fund, that automatically become members of the 'IES Club'. In addition to its own Internal Rules, the IES has an unique organizational structure - interconnected to the WEF's direction.

The IES starts by an international electronic registry of individuals, businesses, schools, NGOs, foundations and eventually governments that are involved in the WEF's mission.

To fulfill its role and expand the network, the IES requires unique resources. IES members will participate of a social network on the Internet and become 'IES Club' members. One of its main missions will be grant a certificate and issue a quality seal, wich will be offered to educational institutions that achieve good results in international evaluation tests, around the world.

For the effective beginning of its activity, the IES will receive Fund's resources, especially to building the online electronic register and the bylaws. The partners attraction at global level will take place via Facebook, which presents itself as an efficient free tool to promote Club and WEF activities. Both teams, as the WEF's as the IES', will be involved jointly in fundraising.

The IES Club

The IES Club - and its respective activities and promotions - are the key attractions for expansion and members conquest worldwide. The main objective of the Club will be promote approach and cultural exchange between students and people involved in education related activities. Businesses, schools and supporters can also be members of the IES Club. These shareholders will be benefited through cultural exchange programs, subsidized by the Fund.

Both the network and the Club may be supported by member contributions and, especially, by WEF benefited people. In a second step, the IES may offer special discounts on products and services purchase. This will allow the IES and its respective Club achieve financial self-sufficiency without having to rely on WEF resources, in addition to the allowances provided in exchange programs.

The IES on Facebook

Join the social network Facebook will increase the awareness of IES and WEF activities. This will be a simple and effective way to reach audiences that otherwise would hardly be achieved through traditional media, worldwide.

Certainly, joining Facebook for free will be an interesting strategy that will also include entertainment to attract people of all ages, interested in education related issues, sports, environment, and especially global cultural diversity and exchange.

IES Welcome Center for English Students in Africa

In Accra, capital of Ghana, will be located the first 'IES Welcome Center'. Its main practical task will be receiving, housing and providing resources for English students, and volunteers for humanitarian work in Africa. To take part in WEF programs, the contestants will become IES Club members and exploit the offered advantages.

Click here for more details about the IES/WEF project in Accra.