The World Education Fund

WEF LOGOThe World Education Fund (WEF) is an international non-profit dedicated to promoting economic and social development around the world through educational projects. Our mission is also provide support to excellence programs of other non-governmental organizations.

Accomplishing our Goals

Here at the WEF, we believe in the direct relationship between educational excellence and rewarding social/economic development. Global and regional examples show that large investments in human potential are the best solution to reduce the serious socio-economic contrasts. We wish to use education to fight poverty worldwide.

At the WEF, we are committed to raising the overall quality of education around the world. We will achieve this with the help of businesses, government agencies and various other organizations with similar goals. Above all, we understand that transparency and environmental conservation are essential to the success of our projects.

Besides the main activity centered on education, the WEF promotes the conservation of the global environment, the diffusion (and exchanges) of national cultures, and the incentive to the practice of sports.

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We are expanding by locating our administration in three main regions:

  • Region 1: New York and Sao Paulo (North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean)
  • Region 2: Geneva (Headquarters) and Nairobi (Europe and Africa)
  • Region 3: Coming sonn (Asia and Oceania)

Our global headquarters will be located in Geneva (Switzerland), while the first main branches will be situated in New York (US), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Nairobi (Kenya). The Brazilian branch is already in full operation.

You may click on the logos below to learn more about the WEF's regional offices:

 Geneva | SWITZERLAND Sao Paulo | BRAZIL  New York | USA  Nairobi | KENYA