Certification & Seal

new-wef-seal-vert-300The World Education Fund (WEF) and The International Education Society (IES) will award a ‘Quality Seal’ for certified schools and a ‘Partner Seal’ for certified supporters and sponsors.

A successful certification assures transparency and comparability, including the international standards of the schools and businesses. In this procedure, the WEF and the IES will draw on its experts experience in the field of programme accreditation.

The WEF awards the ‘Quality Seal’ to certified schools, thereby documenting the high quality and higher education level of these schools.

The ‘Partner Seals’, operated by the IES, will be offered through the World Education Fund. This seal provides an internationally recognized certification for businesses and organizations with social responsibility. The corporate social responsibility is the option to take action that protects and improves the welfare of society as a whole as well as organizational interests.