Partners & Sponsors

On this page will be listed the main sponsors and partners of the World Education Fund, worldwide. Most of these organizations have international operations, while others operate only in the countries of their seats.




This space is reserved for the logo of our main sponsor. By clicking on the image our visitor will be linked to the sponsor's website. Besides acting as guarantor of the Fund, the main sponsor may invest in the implementation of various educational-, cultural- and sports- projects of the WEF worldwide. Moreover, our main sponsor will receive our Premium Seal of social responsibility, and enjoy all the advantages of partnering with the organization.



This agency of the Swiss government is enabling the location of our global headquarters in Geneva. In addition to providing the necessary information without charge for the formalization of documents, the agency assists the WEF in various practical issues in Switzerland.



Quality Associates is the accounting office of the WEF in Brazil. Their services are specialized and boast more than twenty years of experience in advising non-governmental organizations. Through its advisory we enable our accountability and transparency. With our partnership, the WEF will allow Quality's international expansion.



Private Banking - Swiss Bank | UBP (Union Bancaire Privée), which was founded in 1969 by Edgar de Picciotto, specialises in private banking and asset management. With a Tier-1 capital ratio of more than 20%, it is one of the most strongly-capitalised, independent private banks. UBP has an international network of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Bermuda, Bahamas, Switzerland, China, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, United States and Uruguay. 





Pinheiro Neto Advogados is the largest and most experienced law firm in Brazil. This is why the WEF seek their advice. In addition to national legal issues, the office advises the organization on international law.



Through the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the WEF is having contact with the largest multinational companies of Germany, seeking support and sponsorship.




AlphaGraphics was the first private company to invest in the initial needs of the WEF in Brazil, giving us graphical material such as brochures and folders. The WEF is extremely grateful and hopes to continue receiving the sponsorship of AlphaGraphics as well in the international arena.


Thank you, to all our sponsors and partners!

But we need much more help. We have a wide range of projects to be developed worldwide. And to make them feasible we need your support and donations. Contact us to sponsor the World Education Fund. We would be really quite grateful.